Amaral has worked with some of the greatest and most widely recognized artists and sculptors of our time including Claes Oldenberg and Roy Lichtenstein. They all agree that Paul Amaral is unsurpassed in his ability and dedication to producing incredible sculptures and installations.

We create sculptures with marine and aerospace grade fabrication techniques. Sculptures we built 17 years ago are still in in mint condition. Artists make sure the form and concept of the sculpture stand the test of time, we make sure their sculptures are certain to withstand the elements.

OUR SERVICESWe provide individual integrated approach to solving problems

The Music Industry

The Music IndustrySet in the beautiful adertic

The goals of developing a business plan: internal use – planning the launch of a new or development of existing business, resource allocation, concentration of efforts of personnel for working on the project.

Fabrications Industry

Fabrications IndustrySet in the beautiful adertic

Marketing consulting is a set of projects on the development and implementation of measures, methods and tools for effective impact on the market. The result of these projects – the most favorable place at the market.


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Online business has been one of the most successful businesses throughout the world. Over millions of consumers are surfing on the internet and about millions of dollars are being generated per day.

What clients are Saying

Craig has done an outstanding job on developing on his mission for our product and service. I would highly recommend his services.

Mark Aleena